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Saturday, 28 November 2015

Set-in Sleeve Calculator

by Elinor Brown


Copyright: Elinor Brown

Although raglan and yoke constructions (and even Elizabeth Zimmermann’s set-in model) are seamless, I regrettfully find them ill-fitting on my body. 
Like it or not, traditional set-in sleeves just fit me better. 
However, calculating the armhole and sleeve cap shape is time consuming and rather unwieldy for patterns with multiple sizes. This winter, I designed several garments for publication with set-in sleeves. 
I created an Excel spreadsheet to calculate the armscye measurement, the perimeter of the armhole. 
Still, the spreadsheet required tinkering here and there and was not a very good solution. 
When I explained my frustration to Aaron, he decided there had to be a better way. 
Using Jenna Wilson’s (girl from auntie) impeccably thorough armscye tutorial in Knitty as a guide, he wrote a web application that would take in the necessary information regarding gauge and armhole shaping to produce meaningful information about sleeve cap shaping.
The application can be found for free here.

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