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Thursday, 13 August 2015

Afterthought Pockets

Sunday Stitch


Afterthought Pockets

Afterthought pockets get put in after you’ve finished your sweater. Afterthought heels go in after you finished your sock. And so on. All you need is to open up a hole in your knitted fabric.

Grab some scissors and don’t be scared! Lol. Its not hard at all

You cut a strand. Just the one. That gives you two ends which you pull out, exposing live stitches on the top and bottom. How cool is that? If your reluctant to give it a try, here are two cheats that make this trick even easier to pull off:

Use a spray water bottle and spritz the knitting before you cut. Damp yarn is heavier and usually clingy. Those live loops won’t go anywhere if they are a bit wet.
For the pick up, use a small needle. If you knitted with a size 8, pick up the new loops with a size 4 or even a tapestry needle and some waste yarn.
Do you have a knit cardigan that you always wished had a few pockets? Now you can add them in even if its been finished for years, even if its store bought. Do all your socks wear out in the heel? If you make a pair with afterthought heels, those heels can be pulled out, pulled all the way back to the loops that you used to start your heel with and then remade. No more darning heels.

There is another way to cut into your knitting and it is called steeking.

Steeking is for when you want a vertical cut.

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