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Sunday, 23 August 2015

How to make a flat border for granny square blankets

How to make a flat border for granny square blankets



As you can see from the picture above I'm on the border of my granny square blanket.
A row of plum then four colours so far , think I'll add two or three more then a plum edge. I love working the border .It's so fast ...zooming along with no fiddeliness.Yes it's a favourite part of mine .
Edging groups of granny squares can have pitfalls and I thought you may like to see my method for avoiding a wavy edge.
It's a common problem and very frustrating if your lovely blanket ends up going wrong at the final stage .

The trouble begins when you put three double ( U.K. treble ) crochet in each corner of your granny square.It would be fine for a narrow border but if you are planning to make a wide border it will not lie flat and end up all frilly.
I'm talking about the small spaces created by the chain 2 in the corner of the individual squares. ....

The way I get around this is to treat the two corner spaces as one. In this blanket I've made 1 D.C. (U.S.) in the first space ...

Then I've bridged the gap with a D.C. decrease stitch. Like this ....

Yarn over, insert hook into first space , yarn over ,pull through space ( 3 loops on hook) then yarn over ,pull though 2 loops(2 loops on hook).....

Yarn over, Insert hook through second space, yarn over ant pull through (4 loops on hook)........

Yarn over , pull through 2 loops ( 3 loops on hook)......

Yarn over , pull through all 3 loops( decrease stitch made).............

Then I've finished the bridging cluster with a final D.C. in the second space ...

Admittedly it looks a bit messy at this stage and I would recommend using a inconspicuous colour.
As the border grows it blends in nicely and results in a lovely flat border.

Here there is another example of flat border for Granny Square Blankets.

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