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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

I-cord bind-off

Annette Petavy Design

I-cord bind-off

Posté le 7 août 2015 par Annette

Today we are making an i-cord bind-off. The little cord will be shaped along the bind-off edge.

At the end of your work or swatch, on the right side and just before starting the bind-off, cast on 3 extra stitches.

*Knit 2 sts.

Do an ssk. This will use the last of the 3 extra stitches for the i-cord, and the first stitch to be bound off in your work

Slip the stitches one by on from the right hand needle to the left hand needle.

Repeat from * until all the stitches of your work have been cast off, except the last one.

There are 4 stitches on the left hand needle.

Repeat once more from * to bind off the last stitch. You have the 3 i-cord stitches left.

Bind off the 3 stitches.

Here’s your pretty bind-off!

Link to the Video HERE

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