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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

How to pick up and knit on patch pockets

How to pick up and knit on patch pockets:

The pattern says:

Using larger needles and main colour, starting 6 rows above ribbing, and 5 sts away from button band, pick up 13 (13,15,15) sts with RS facing.

I have used pins to mark the pocket location, so I know where to begin picking up stitches.

To pick up stitches on the right side of the work, hold both YARN and NEEDLE on the RS of the work. Insert the needle into the work, under one of the bars between two stitches, from the RS to the WS, then back to the WS. Next wrap the yarn around, then use the needle to pull the loop through the work, creating a loop at the front of the work. Continue working to the left in this manner, picking up a new stitch for every stitch of the work, in a straight line, until the required number are picked up.

Turn the work, to work back (purling) to the start of the row where you began picking up. You can see a row of bumps which will be at the inside of the pocket.

Continue to knit back and forth in rows as described in the pattern. Once the pocket is bound off, you sew down the sides of the pocket; I suggest using the mattress stitch, which is quite tidy and effective. has a good tutorial on this technique here.

A little pocket. Make another the same.

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