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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

The Turkish Cast-On

The Turkish Cast-On was recently featured in an article by Meg Swansen in the fall issue of Vogue Knitting.

I found this technique so brilliant I thought I would share it.

The Turkish Cast-On is an invisible cast on that forms a closed end. It is perfect for things like sock toes, mittens, glove fingers, pouches and I worked it I even thought, "wow this would be a great cast on for the legs and arms of a stuffed teddy bear!"

To work the Turkish Cast-On you need two same sized circular needles. For this demonstration I used two US # 7 (4.5mm) needles - a 24" Addi turbo and a 26" Crystal Palace bamboo so you can differentiate between each needle.

ETA: This technique is easily adapted to the magic loop method, using one circular needle to execute the technique rather than two. However, using two different types of circs as I have for this tutorial does make the technique a bit easier to visualize when first starting out.


On the bamboo needle make a slip knot.

Hold both needles paralell and in your left hand with the tips pointing to the right and the silver needle on top.Hold the working yarn behind the silver needle.


With the working yarn behind the silver needle, working left to right, wrap the yarn loosely around both needles.

Wrap as many time as equal to HALF the total numer of desired stitches. In the sample below, 15 wraps = 30 working stitches.


With your right hand, pull the bottom (bamboo) needle to the right so that the wrapped loops are now on the cable of the needle. Allow the bamboo needle to dangle.


Grasp the non-working end of the silver needle and bring it up to knit into the loops on the silver needle.


After knitting the loops on the silver needle, turn the work.
Slide the bamboo needle loops on to the tip of the bamboo needle.

And slide the silver needle to the right so that the loops are now on the silver needle cable and the silver needle is dangling.

Slide the slip knot off the tip of the bamboo needle and undo it, just allowing it to hang. With the working yarn coming from the last stitch on the silver needle knit across the loops with the bamboo needle.

Step 7:

Pull the bamboo needle thru to the right so the new stitches are on the cable and the bamboo needle is dangling.
Slide the stiches to the tip of the silver needle and knit across with the other end of the silver needle.

Repeat from Step 5 alternating needles with each row. As you alternate between the two needles a firm, seamless two sided "pocket" will form.

The instructions may seem a bit verbose and daunting but if you "Just Do It" it's really very easy...get 2 different circs and some yarn and work step by step and it will all become clear once you put the tutorial into actual practice!
I used the Turkish Cast-On for my toe-up Chervon Lace's a close up

I found the Turkish Cast-On much easier than all the other toe-up cast on's that I've tried and I prefer not having to worry about any waste yarn.
I also used it to whip up this little pouch for a special friend to store her stitch markers in. Notice the seamless construction of the Turkish Cast-On and the lovely Lucet cord.

I really like this cast on and I see so many practical uses for it....I hope you give it a try and enjoy it as much as I have!

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